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'Get Out Those Old Records' radio programme

"Music directed at a more elderly audience" - Teddy Cairns

"Get Out Those Old Records" is a weekly radio programme broadcast on Community Radio 8CCC-FM in the Alice Springs and Tennant Creek footprint areas, in Australia's Northern Territory.

The programme is in its 43nd year of production and transmission in 2023. It focuses on music of a bygone era..... an era before television, before rock 'n' roll, before computers...... an era when Radio and 78rpm records were the rule of the day. Directed at more elderly audiences, as the late Teddy Cairns used to say.

  Originally called "Golden Sounds" at its inception in  late 1980, it has undergone several timeslot changes from Saturdays to Wednesdays, and name changes to "78RPMs" in 1985, and "Lost In The 50s" in 1997, before settling on the current format in 2000, when Old Records took over the timeslot of the late great Teddy Cairns, and her 21 year long 'Entertainer' and 'Invitation' shows.

 Get Out Those Old Records can currently be heard every Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 4pm, Central Standard time (most recent timeslot change 11 September 2021). A repeat transmission, by popular demand,  for reasons unknown, has been deleted from the 8CCC roster. This repeat show was requested by the Old Folks Home in Alice Springs, who considered Tuesday afternoons a more suitable time to gather clients around the wireless. Oh well.

Back to the show ... you will hear everything from Al Jolson to Bob Zurke.... Acker Bilk to Xavier Cugat.... plus regular radio shows from the 30s to the 50s, occasional featured records of the week, and taking up most of every programme, the very popular "Dead Or Alive" segment where birthdays and days of passing of hundreds of performers are recognised. 78s also feature strongly in the programming.

 And REQUESTS !!  Yes I do love the requests. These are so important to the show, since they provide a means of programming what the listener wants to hear, not just what the programmer chooses. PLEASE GO TO THE GUESTBOOK to leave your request, or greeting, or comment, as you see fit. Alternatively feel free to use the mailing or emailing addresses below. I will reply to all correspondence.

Just a final note: No matter where you are in the world, you can listen to 8CCC anytime you like, by going to the "8CCC Live" website at 

If you would like to listen to Old Records back-editions on your pc or phone, just click Old Records on demand.



POSTAL ADDRESS         Rufl     82 Ariadne Street     Maryborough Queensland 4650

Thankyou for visiting the website of Get Out Those Old Records.

Keep listening, and don't forget to sign the guestbook !



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